Dear Visitor,

I have professional experience in the diversified and varied areas of legal practice for individuals and businesses which primarily in litigation and out of court representation, document editing, legal advice, court administration, general company representation.

The above mentioned services are also provided in German language considering my foreign studies (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin). It is a great opportunity to have Austrian and German clientele. If there are any question, problem or task connected these areas - you've come to the right page!

I do belive that effective lawyer activity is based on turst and confidence. The most important element of this basis is to come to know the certain lawyer, so the main goal of this website is my intorduction, the already or future achieved legal practice. I think, as in other areas of life, the human side is equally significant factor while working as a lawyer, especially in connection of the mentioned confidential relationship.

This website is a summary for those who knows me and a virtual introduction for the others. However, it should be emphasized that actual introduction or specific case judgement, solution can be manged only by personal consultation - this website is an important milestone on this way.

Introducing myself as an individual lawyer- my dear Visitor, shall I use a classical phrase:

Let me recommend myself!

dr. Szabolcs Szováti