Although lawyer practices are specifically and firmly pragmatical work, but it does not mean that without academic activity can be achieved. The same as the law interpretation, which is a significant part of the legal representation, this statement is still true.

In addition, lawyer practice is based on successfully completed university studies. These are - in the course of the established and developed education system - mainly theoretical education. During these years a lot of essays and treatises have been written, which are rather "juvenilias" but still including some professional value.

The most remarkable is the thesis which - perhaps not by chance - in my case "The European Lawyer" and has been predicted the way I want to fulfill the legal services, referring to the potential European-wide opportunities according to my language skills

These skills - especially my German knowledge - determine my current practice as a lawyer and it was also dominant during my studies (see also: CV / Berlin). Accordingly there are also studies in German which can be found on this page.

The European Lawyer


The Hungarian company law in the light of the European Community's legalisation
Collective rights of minorities? (1998)
Subsidiarity - independence in Europe (1998)
The historical development of European integration (1997)
Die Geschichte der Zivilgerichtbarkeit und Gerichtsverfassung in Ungarn (1997)
Die Entwicklung des deutschen Sozialgesetzbuches (1998)

"LAKÁSKULCS" articles

Preparing contracting
Wealth tax
Tax liability
Down payment
Pre-emption rights
Due to abandonment
Land protection
Neighbour rights
Termination of co-property by the court
Deposited for registration permits
Elimination of contract and termination
Legal capacity, citizenship
Estate registers other than the owner
"Szocpol" housing government program
"Szocpol" housing government program in details
Reader questions and answers
Legislative changes